Rielle Oase is a 24 year old Taiwanese/Swedish Photographer residing in Los Angeles. She graduated with a BFA in Fine Art from the University of Arizona and works as a freelance fashion photographer. Her work can be found in galleries and magazines in the USA as well as Photovogue by Vogue Italia.


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Ongoing Vogue Italia, Photovogue

2020 Mordant Magazine, August Issue, Heat Exhaustion

2020 Onlychild Magazine, August Issue, A Break in the Clouds

2020 First Magazine, July Issue, Nowhere To Go

2020 Malvie Magazine, July Issue, Cheeks of Raspberries

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2020 Boyfriend Magazine, July Issue, Warm Summer Dreams

2020 Boyfriend Magazine, June Issue, Suburban Heatstroke

2020 Feroce Magazine, April Issue, Bees in LA

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